Fig Growing Seminar and Open House May 31st - 6:30 to 7:30 pm



Ever wonder how to grow figs in VT?
Have you ever eatin a local fresh fig?
Would you like to? It is easier than you think.
Attend our amazing fig growing seminar.
Learn the best methods for growing figs in VT including best varieties, care, maintenance, pruning, over-wintering, and open discussion time. Handout and snacks will be included as well as a tour of Paradiso Farm figs. $20.00 per person. Please RSVP by May 29th.

Fig care and open house coming this June

Paradiso Farm will be having a fig care seminar and open house this coming June. The date will be published soon but plan on a Sunday morning the first or second week of June.

Basic care of container grown figs will be given including fertilizing, pests, pruning, and over-wintering. baby fig trees will be available for sale as well as a tour of the greenhouse. Paradiso Farm Coffee will also be available for sale and hot coffee will be available as well.

Cost for the hour is $20.00 and can be paid day of seminar. Please contact for more information.



Review of Paradiso Farm Coffee

Shout out to Chilmark Coffee Company from Chilmark MA on Martha's Vineyard. I got to spend some time with the owner Todd Christy and he shared some of his amazing knowledge and amazing coffee. A super nice guy roasting some great coffee!

Todd sampled My Ethiopian and Honduran and I wanted to share his review. Thanks Todd!

"First- your coffees are really good! I always try to be super honest about my assessments of other coffees- 

Ethiopian was stellar. Great nose on grind; fruits and berries. In the cup; smooth, balanced, nice fruit forward but not overpowering at all. Easy drinker with just a hint of roast which I like in these lighter roasts. A hint of black tea and blackberry but a super nice coffee. Would be so good hot over ice! 

Honduran was good. Nice nose on grind- actually quite a sweet nose and fruit forward.
In the cup; great flavor but not as bright as I would want- a little flatter than the Ethiopian. Flatter sounds negative and I just mean less acidic. That could be a bunch of things including the fact that it's a more subtle roast flavor also could be just the coffee. A sweet coffee and a little more pronounced roast, which I kinda liked a lot. I'd love this as a cold coffee as the caramel would shine!! 

Both- really great coffees. Very well roasted. These are better than any coffee I've had from any VT roaster. Very nicely done!!"