Organic Ethiopian Girma Eshetu

We are excited to have purchased  a full bag (132.2 lbs) of Organic Ethiopian Girma Eshetu. This is an amazing coffee that we roast light. 


RegionKeffa Zona

Elevation6700 feet



ethiopia girma eshetu washed

a classic washed ethiopian. heavy notes of black tea on the fragrance, along with dried peach and honey- suckle. malt sugar comes out in the aroma, with more black tea and lemonbalm. the tea carries into the cup, turning distinctly darjeeling, along with candied orange, more peach, and nectarine. just a super sweet coffee with tremendous clarity.

this coffee is half of a tasting experiment involving girma eshetu, an estate located in the keffa region of ethiopia. the farm is owned by a man of the same name, a man with over two decades of experience running this family farm. girma processes his coffee in both the traditional natural process, as well as a fully washed process. we thought it would be interesting to present to our customers a chance to taste how processing can have a profound effect on flavor, as the same varieties, cultivated in the same way, grown on the same farm, have wildly different cups.

this particular coffee is grown from 1950 - 2130 meters and consists of 74110 and 74112 varieties (both heirloom). it is fully washed and sun-dried on raised beds. 



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