Paradiso Farm sells figs as well as young fig trees under the trade name Vermont Figs. We  supply to local restaurants and  customers including selling at the Shelburne Farmers Market.

Steve's Italian great grandparents lived just outside NY City in New Rochelle, NY during the early 1900’s. They grew figs and many other fruit trees in their yard. They would wrap them in burlap for winter protection from the cold. Steve researched and discovered that certain varieties of figs could be grown for production even as far north as Canada. There are many techniques and tricks to growing figs in northern climates. Steve continues to experiment and develop these techniques including growing in an unheated greenhouse. To date Paradiso Farm carries eight varieties of hardy fig trees.

Figs do not ripen after being picked and only last about three to four days. If you have never had a fresh fig that is ripe you have not lived. Most of the “fresh” figs you get in a store have been picked early to prolong the shelf life thus not having the same taste. You know a fig is ready to be picked when it has a drop of sap coming out of the eye of the fig. Some say you should wait to pick a fig until it has “ a tear in its eye”.

Please contact with any questions or if you would like more information about Vermont Figs.