Story behind the Paradiso Farm name

Years ago when I ordered my first fig trees one of them was a variety called Paradiso fig. When I was researching the variety I fell in love with the story behind the name. It sounded like something I could see myself doing. The story and the name also connected with me in that I feel I have found my paradiso living on my farm with my son Aiden, and our animals in Charlotte, VT.

The paradiso fig tree has a charming story attached to its name. The tale is of an old man in Genoa, Italy, who enjoyed a breakfast of figs and bread every day, sitting under his prized fig tree. When people passing by made it their business to inquire as to what was going on, the man informed them “This is my Paradiso (Paradise).”


Steven Colangeli, and his son Aiden started Paradiso Farm and Vermont Figs in the fall of 2013. The farm is located in Charlotte, VT.  Three acres are leased to Aurora Farms, which is a local organic supplier of grains and hay.  Steve has a B.S. Degree in Horticulture and Agronomy. He has always had a passion for working with the land and has dreamed about owning a small organic, community based farm for as long as he can remember. Also grown on the farm are other unusual plants such as ginger and turmeric. 

Paradiso Farm Coffee

Passion with Purpose

Farm roasted coffee seemed like such a perfect fit as Steve has enjoyed coffee since he was a boy and would drink coffee with his father when he returned home from work. Fond memories stir passion and passion is what drives Paradiso Farm Coffee. Steve roasts on a micro-batch roaster and works tireleessly perfecting his custom roasts from direct trade organic coffees from around the world. Find out more about Paradiso Farm Coffee by clicking on the coffee tab.